1. Valley® Irrigation is the worldwide leader in precision irrigation. The Valley brand of center pivot, linear, and corner equipment provides solutions for conserving water and meeting the growing demand for food. The world’s ever growing population needs more food than ever before, and Valley Irrigation is in the thick of it, helping to meet the challenges of today and of years to come. The Leader in Precision Irrigation
  2. AgSense was the first to integrate Digital Cellular technology to remotely monitor, start and stop a pivot and incorporate it with the monitoring of grain bin temperature, weather, and soil moisture. AgSense also introduced GPS technology to facilitate the remote programming of variable end gun and speed tables, bringing about the concept of Precision Agriculture to the irrigation industry. Get the power of knowing. Get AgSense.
  3. From steel in the 19th century, to electrical distribution and automation in the 20th and energy management in the 21st, Schneider Electric has always been driven by an international, innovative and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry it was evolving in. The Best Electrical Components on the Market
  4. Witmer Motor Service has a reputation for having honest values. The experience they offer comes from years working in the Electric Motor Industry. Beginning from a simple motor shop, to opening a service center, and manufacturing line of phase converters. Witmer Motor service offers many technically advanced technologies that provide excellence performance for our clientele. Family Owned, Service Oriented
  5. A rotating water-driven self-cleaning screen that dependably delivers good water from as little as 4 inches depth! The ideal solution for the operation depending upon river or canal water sources for pivot irrigation systems. RIVERSCREEN is built for shallow water pumping – prevents sand problems. Low maintenance operation. Dependable Water Supply. Self-Cleaning Operation.
  6. Your irrigation system should do more than just apply water. Agri-Inject makes that happen. Precisely. Applying fertilizer (fertigation) and crop protection products (chemigation and pest control) through irrigation systems with Agri-Inject® fluid injection technology just makes sense – economically, agronomically and environmentally. You can put Agri-Inject technology to work in virtually any field – from row crops to potatoes, from fruit to nuts, from golf to hay.
  7. The Leader in Low Harmonic VFDs 1LH Series drives have a unique active switching input module that does not produce high levels of harmonic distortion. These drives are IEEE 519 compliant with no additional harmonic filter required. Other benefits include no over-sizing when the drive is installed on open delta service, and electronic power factor correction allows a larger load on a smaller utility service. IEEE 519 IEEE 519 is an industry standard that determines allowable limits of voltage and current distortion on utility systems. As the use of VFDs has increased, so have the negative impacts of the harmonics they generate. This has resulted in more utilities enforcing compliance with IEEE 519.
  8. Patriot Equipment is dedicated to Helping Farmers Feed America (TM) and the world by manufacturing high quality agriculture machinery and equipment at reasonable prices. Please contact us in person with any questions or requests for information. Bridges over 120' Long.